Learn at any age

Reena Modi

Reena Modi

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Learning is a continuous process, so we should never cease to learn. From the day we are born we begin to acquire knowledge about life skills as we gradually learn to survive in this world, outside our mother’s womb. Not only humans, even animals follow the suit.

1. Essentials of Learning

Learning not only involves the formal education but gaining knowledge about anything we are interested in. To be an efficient learner we need to be a good listener first. A good listener will eventually be a good speaker. That’s how this cycle works.

2. What would you gain?

Learning not only helps in instilling knowledge in an individual but also makes him or her much wiser and intelligent. The more we acquire knowledge and learn, the more we are equipped to face challenges of life.

3. Never give up …..

Hence, friends we should never stop learning in any situation or at any age. This is a testing time for all of us. It may feel difficult, but together we can get through this.

4. We believe in Learning!

At TAPnLEAP, we believe learning never ceases. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. This links to scheduling your day; schedule in academic time, so that the source of your stress is being addressed, but also include time to breathe, to be creative, to unwind and create something beautiful! It will boost your mood immensely.

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