Useful Tips on Calculus



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As we all know board exams are near and students start preparing for their exams. In XII board, calculus is an important portion of mathematics as it covers nearby 40% of marks and also used in physics. For most of the students calculus is one of the toughest parts. Are you also struggling in calculus? Then follow some tips to gain more marks and be confident while solving the calculus.

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1. What is Calculus?

Calculus is the branch of mathematics that is relate with other fields of mathematics, that is, arithmetic, algebra, logarithm, trigonometry, geometry, etc. 

2. Types of Calculus

Calculus is defined as two parts, differential calculus and integral calculus. It is better to understand the difference. Rate of change refers to differentiation whereas accumulation refers to integration.

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3. Understand the Concepts

Derivatives and integrals have some basic formulas. Each formula has proper proof. Instead of mugging up the formulas, understand the concept of formula with the help of proper proof.

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4. Ways to Solve Complex Problems

While solving the complex problems, break it down into smaller modules. Solve each module separately and add them

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5. Rules to remember for Calculus

The basic fundamental theorem of calculus states that integration and derivative are inverse of each other

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6. Practice More!

Solve as many problems as you can. Start with the problems of derivative and then go ahead with integrals

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