#CBSE Board Examination 2021

Punita Golhotra

Punita Golhotra

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With 2020 starting on a sour note, the learning system fled away with the modern online schooling making it difficult for the students to learn and study. Students of classes and age group missed upon the classroom learning experience, resulting in grades significantly dropping and decreasing the student’s efficiency to remember.

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31st December our honourable education minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the date sheet for CBSE examination 2021 starting from 4th May 2021. It gives students the stress to cope with the syllabus due to lack of learning throughout the year 2020.

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Here at Tap n Leap, we offer the best teachers and mentors from all around the country to provide our shining gems with the best teachers and learning. Online studying is the new way of living, but Tap n Leap teachers and team are continually working to offer the best with the most flexible rates across all learning platforms.

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Here we offer the best learning experience from the most experienced teachers from completing the syllabus to having a single query our teacher’s army is standing to help you out any time.

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Board exams standing out in the front door and giving our little gems stress are not functioning. We have created the simplest registration portal and teachers catalogue to access from all experienced teachers.

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Who are ready to help the students complete and revise the syllabus, so they ace every exam, due to the lack of formal learning our mentors and teachers will support and raise their morale by assisting them with all the teaching and doubts?

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Tap n Leap is the easiest to use platform where the students can select the standing teachers to provide you with the best learning experience. At Tap n Leap, we offer education to all classes from 1st to 12th, with all subject teachers and the most affordable price.

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