How do we manage stress?

Nitika Narayanan

Nitika Narayanan

Founder & CEO TAPnLEAP
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We all go through different forms of stress in life. Infact, stress has now become a part of our lives!!!

Whilst some stress may be necessary and beneficial, too much stress isn’t good for health. Especially not in a world-wide pandemic, like what we’re facing now. 

How to Identify your Stress?

The question here is how do I know that I am stressed? Stress will show itself in many different ways. You could be irritable, battling to sleep, lack concentration, develop headaches, back pains, eating disorders etc. Sometimes, we do not even realise that we are stressed. That’s a very tricky situation as you may struggle to understand the cause of your problem. So we all need understand and identify if we are stressed. Here are a few types of stress that you could face in your studies: 

Expectation Stress:

This stress happens when those around you are having high expectations so you push yourself harder than what you should. This stress is not easily identifiable and may get you to worry on unnecessary aspects and hamper your exam performance or productivity and can lower your concentration levels.

So how do you identify this stress? Firstly, ask yourself if you feel more stressed after being with a specific person? In a particular area? Talking with a family member about a particular topic? To combat this stress, you could try and limit your time with the person or place that makes you feel stressed. If someone is making you feel stressed, it will help to talk with them about they are making you feel and with someone else so that you can better handle the pressure. 

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Situational Stress: 

We all tend to behave differently under different situations. However, there are times when our situation can increase our stress levels. Talking of the current situation, where everyone is either studying or working from home. There’s noise and different types of distractions that can lead to delays in our work/focus.  

So how do we combat this type of stress. The best way is to talk with your family and set up times when they know that you are studying and should not be disturbed. Music that is composed to boost focus helps tremendously as well. 

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Stress to Achieve your Goals: 

We all set targets and plans to achieve. Then we make efforts to execute these plans. However, there are times where some plans may get delayed, or targets may go unachieved and goals may seems difficult to reach!!

For instance, the plans and timeframes you were working with before COVID-19 might not be realistic anymore! So how do we combat this stress?

It is important here that you need to set goals to be motivated in your studies, but you also need to give yourself permission to not reach those goals, or to try again in order to reach them.

Especially now.. You might have to take longer before you finish your studies and achieve other goals. You need to give yourself permission to do that. Don’t give up on your dream or goal, but make sure you’re okay with not reaching it the way you initially wanted to either.

Finally, keep your mind and body healthy to combat stress. Get enough exercise, eat well, sleep early and concentrate on the bigger picture. You will get there for sure!

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