Can Social Media Impact Productivity?

Nitika Narayanan

Nitika Narayanan

Founder & CEO TAPnLEAP
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The current situation has only made our dependence on technology even more apparent. It amazing how we are able to accomplish many things through digital technology!

Somehow or other, we all managed to adapt to life in lockdown. Whether it is attending to online classes/meetings in lieu of going to school/college, or binge-watching favourite movies on Netflix to make the endless days at home more entertaining!

We all know that too much time on social media can hurt productivity. We wish we could spend a little less time scrolling on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, the truth is that on an average we spend 4-5 hours everyday browsing through these social media sites.

Here are some changes that we can try to avoid the temptations to browse through these social media sites and increase your productivity:

1. Set yourself on ‘Do Not Disturb!’ Mode
If you continuously get notifications and emails pop-up on our screens it may distract you and lower your concentration levels. Switching to ‘Do Not Disturb’ means you can control your work and social life instead of the other way around!

2. Social Media Comparisons
Social-media is only the curated ‘best-bits’ of people’s lives, leading to issues with self-esteem and comparison. Instead of remaining glued to find about what is happening in people’s life, which may be just a superficial portrayal of things. Find out what may give you happiness and engage yourself in those activities.

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3. Be Phone Free
Try and be phone free when you start you day and see your productivity go many folds. Not allowing your phone to be the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you look at before bed not only means you’ll sleep better, but you start and end the day on your terms.

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4. Invest in a Hobby

Invest in a hobby you enjoy let your digital media take a back-burner on your list of priorities will enable you to do things you never thought you had time for before.

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5. Monitor your ‘screen-time’

There are many 3rd party apps, dedicated to helping you digitally detox. For Apple users, ‘screen-time’ can be found in settings and offers you the option to set time limits on your apps.

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6. Maintain Exercise Routine

Have a daily exercise routine such as going for a walk phone-free appreciating the nature and environment around you or take a book and make it an educational time! Your mind will thank you as well as your body.

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