Tips to manage through the pandemic situation

Nitika Narayanan

Nitika Narayanan

Founder & CEO TAPnLEAP
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The current situation has brought our life upside down. During these circumstances, physical access to university libraries and lecturers are limited and motivation levels are plummeted.

Here are a few tips to helps you sail through these testing times:

1. Maintain a Routine

Plan you day in advance. This would help you keep motivated and not lounge around all day. Even if it’s a quick note of what time you want to wake up, what work you want to do, and then how much chill time you need, this will just help put you back into the school or college mindset, rather than feeling like an unoriented student living at home with no time to yourself!

2. Maintain a Diary

Put in the points how you feel? And then ask yourself how you could improve it. It is like having a conversation with yourself! This way, you can find the source of your stress, and so be able to try to alleviate it.

3. Exercise Regularly

Devote just 30 min to some physical activity of your interest. It may be dancing, running, cycling, strength building, etc. It would really help boost your mood and relieve any sort of stress or pain you may have.

4. Balance Fun Time and Studies

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. This links to scheduling your day; schedule in academic time, so that the source of your stress is being addressed, but also include time to breathe, to be creative, to unwind and create something beautiful! It will boost your mood immensely.

Finally, remember, this is a testing time for all of us. It may feel difficult, but together we can get through this.

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