Planning for your Tests/Examinations

Nitika Narayanan

Nitika Narayanan

Founder & CEO TAPnLEAP
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Here are a few tips to help you through your exams/tests amidst the current pandemic situation.

1. Plan & Execute

Plan and simply write down everything you need to study. Not to mention, embracing the incredible satisfaction of ticking things off your schedule makes you feel in control, and helps efficiently plan your time

Planning helps to realize and understand the tasks with the exact amount of time needed to complete them. And, at the end of the scary bits, you realize you actually really enjoyed the ride all along.

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2. Prioritise

Prioritise the portion you are less confident with and finish them first. Save the best for last. This may make it less stressful to start with the topics you find difficult so that you give it the adequate time you require to concentrate and understand, without the added pressur of time.

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3. Healthy Eating Habits

Most of us eat a lot during stress or don’t eat at all. Eating disorders can be harmful and can distract you from studying. So in case you are tempted to binge, eat healthy!

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are extremely important brain enhancing foods to help you concentrate and keep you full of energy. 

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4. Taking Breaks

Take breaks, to re-energize your brain. Rewarding yourself with self-care is crucial during exam season. Whether it’s dancing to your favourite song, or getting out and going out for a run, it’s important to keep your body as active as your brain, and not spend breaks glued to social media to add on to the information overload in your head.

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