Eating Disorders and Covid-19

Nitika Narayanan

Nitika Narayanan

Founder & CEO TAPnLEAP
coronavirus, quarantine, mask
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Isolation and lockdown principles have got people who suffer from eating disorders deprived of many coping mechanisms and distractions which they rely on a daily basis.

Gyms are shut, no physical activity, we aren’t allowed in busy parks or nature reserves, and we can only leave the house once a day, sometimes only once a week.

Socially, we are not connected to friends or family who we might rely on for support. Likewise, those who find comfort in the distraction of attending school have also had this opportunity ripped away from them. 

And even though the nation’s safety is our top priority right now, that doesn’t make these losses any less painful or any easier to bear.

So how do we manage our anxiety and cultivate healthy eating habits while engaging in safe social distancing practices.

coronavirus, quarantine, pandemic

Here are a few tips to help yourself:

  • Go for a walk in a quiet place (implementing the social distancing regulations) to take your mind off things for a little while
  • Participate in one of the many varieties of home workouts available online (Yoga, Zumba, Strength or Conditioning)
  • Follow a meal plan/routine and eat regularly at short intervals. Healthy snacking in-between meals also may be a good idea.
  • Practice the self-care routines of your preference
  • Stay connected and talk to people about how you’re feeling

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