About Us

TapnLeap is an unparalleled digital learning service provider. Our endeavour is to integrate set of interactive online and offline services to teachers, students, parents and others. We promote education with information, tools and resources which support and enhance learning delivery and management.

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to provide an "Affordable", Easy to Use" and "Accessible" digital education system to help instil curiosity and a love for learning in every student.

At TapnLeap, we encourage young adults to follow their passions and have the confidence to achieve their goals.

Our teaching faculty is one of the best in the industry. We follow a systematic screening process to "Identify", "Interview" and "Onboard" our valued teachers who are rich with experience, work ethics and are result oriented.

"Easy" and "Convenient to Use", TapnLeap is available on both desktop and mobile application, aiming to provide an efficient and convenient medium of engagement between the teacher and the student.

Our Salient Features

  • Load Student's Wallet to Desired Amount
  • Diverse Range of Quality Teachers
  • Online / Offline Teaching
  • Individual / Group Teaching
  • Digitized Monitoring of Classes
  • Real Time Booking / Cancel / Reschedule Classes
  • Live Chatbot Between Teacher and Student
  • Automated Notifications and Alerts
  • Personalised Study Material on Student Dashboard

We also participate in Corporate Social Responsibility to provide a medium of education to the underprivileged part of student society.